Express Pool Care service contractors in Phoenix, AZ clean pools

Having access to your own backyard swimming pool is one of the best ways to while away the hot summer days in Arizona. If you have a swimming pool you already know that, though. Also, if you have a pool you know you need to take steps — sometimes on a daily basis, especially during monsoon season — to keep the water clean and clear and bacteria-free.

Here are some items the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care explain you can do between service visits to keep the water clean and to cut down on cleaning chores when he visits. First, there are a few pool maintenance items you should have on hand and they include: pool

  • A pool skimmer
  • A water testing kit
  • A pool brush that is appropriate for your pool building material
  • A pool vacuum
  • A swimming pool cover. Hint, a cover will help save you and your pool service contractor time when it comes to cleaning and maintenance tasks

Ask your pool contractor for a bit of a Pool Cleaning 101 when he pays his next visit so you can keep the pool clean correctly. Ask him how long and how often the pumps and filters should be run and whether you need to add chlorine or other chemicals between service visits — this will depend on the levels of the chemicals when you do the test kit.


If you have a cover, make sure you are diligent in its use because it will keep dirt and debris out of pool water and can help cut back on water lost through evaporation.

The waster testing kit should be used weekly and between pool service visits, especially if you use it more than usual or if a storm blows through. If you don’t use a pool cover you will need to skim off any dirt and debris on a daily basis; it’s always best to get the dirt and debris while it is still floating on the surface of the water, not when it’s settled to the bottom.