Express Pool Care, serving Laveen, Goodyear & Avondale AZ offer drought resistant landscaping

In Arizona in the summer when rainfall events are few and far between landscaping your swimming pool area in a drought-resistant manner makes both environmental and water-saving sense. Work with your swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care to have drought tolerant plants and native plants put in. Native plants are those that graced the landscape before homeowners moved in and made changes — these are the best plants for your landscaping. Your contractor will also make certain that the plants that are closest to the swimming cactus garden, pool landscaping pool are hardy enough to withstand splashing of chemical-treated pool water.

When you’re talking with your pool contractor about the landscaping make certain you are clear on the terms:

  • Drought resistant plants are able to survive for long periods of time without water
  • Drought tolerant plants can thrive with only minimal care and watering


Another term you will hear tossed around when it comes to landscaping in the drier areas of the country is xeriscaping. This is a style of landscaping that utilizes drought tolerant plants to help the swimming pool owner not have to water the yard with any frequency. You may also hear it called desert landscaping or dry landscaping.

If plants don’t grow is there any reason to put time, effort, money and thought into your landscaping? Actually, yes there is. Incorporating these drought resistant and drought tolerant plants help keep your lawn from “blowing away” when the Arizona monsoon winds are howling. Besides, plants add beauty, intrigue and enhance the aesthetics of your swimming pool.

If you are wondering why you have a lawn when all you see is dried up grass, why not talk with your pool contractor about changing it to a more water-resistant style. Laying synthetic turf or other turf alternatives such as sand or decorative stone also adds aesthetic appeal.

As your pool contractor for information and advice on landscaping options to beautify your swimming pool area.