What does it cost to have a pool cleaned? Express Pool Care Contractors explain

In the summer, in Arizona, when temperatures can reach the triple digits, you will be thankful you have access to your own swimming pool. Having your own pool, though, means you have to either undertake pool cleaning and maintenance yourself or hire a pool contractor. If you’re wondering what does it cost to have a pool cleaned, the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care say… it depends!

There are basically three options for keeping your pool clean:

  1. do it yourself
  2. hire a pool contractor to do it for you
  3. a combination of do it yourself and pool pro

There are benefits to any way in which you make the decision to keep the pool water clean and free of bacteria. The bottom line is that you do have to keep up with pool maintenance — that is not an option.

What does it cost to have a pool cleaned?

When you’re making the decision to become a pool owner, or if you have a pool but are looking for a way to keep the pool water bacteria-free and to assure the pool equipment is operating at peak efficiency you can talk with a pool service contractor in Arizona and request an estimate for the job.

In Arizona, there are many swimming pool contractors from which to choose to provide service to your family swimming pool. You will want to interview more than one, gather estimates for service, ask for references then make a decision on your pool contractor.

When a pool contractor pays a service visit he will test the water chemical balance, brush the walls and floor, vacuum the pool, add chemicals when necessary, clean the filter and check the pool equipment. If you opt to clean the pool yourself you need to keep in mind that you will have to purchase and safely store the swimming pool chemicals and will have to invest in the necessary swimming pool cleaning equipment.

If you’re a first time swimming pool owner, you may not understand the importance of keeping the pool water clean. Keep in mind that lack of proper chemical balance encourages bacteria growth, mold and algae could also be an issue if the pool water isn’t kept clean.

Vacuuming the pool floor can be a painstaking job but must be done regularly. You will also want to skim your pool if debris falls into the water. Using a swimming pool cover will also help keep your pool water clean and free of debris.

Another service that a pool contractor will provide for you is to clean and check the pool filter and check the pressure in the pool pump.

Do the math and you may find it will cost you less money to leave the cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool to the pros.