Swimming pool service contractors get into the nitty gritty of keeping your swimming pool operational. They explain Picture2that there are many moving parts when it comes to keeping the water clean, clear and free of bacteria and one of those pieces of equipment is the swimming pool filter.

The swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Care explain that the filter is crucial because it works hard to keep the water clear and bacteria free and help prevent the spread of skin diseases and allergies.There are three different types of pool filters from which to choose and the type you eventually use will depend on many factors.

Awatukee, Arizona swimming pool service contractors describe the three most common filter types: 

  1. Cartridge filters – A cartridge swimming pool filter is much like the one in your kitchen sink. The water comes in and the dirt is captured in the filter so that only clean water comes out. Debris is captured until the filter is removed and cleaned. The cartridge filter is the most common type. The cartridges will likely need to be replaced at least twice a hear, depending on the amount of traffic your pool sees and how much dirt falls in, you may need to clean and replace it more often.
  2. Earth filters – Many swimming pool owners feel that the earth filters aka DE filters, are the best type as they filter out smaller particles than do others. As with sand filters, they will need to be backwashed and replaced to keep it viable. Backwashing will be done by your swimming pool builder.
  3. Sand filters – As with cartridge filters, the water is pushed into the sand filter, cleaned then pumped back out. The impurities are captured in the sand. Again, this type of filter will need to be backwashed every couple of weeks to make certain it is doing its job well.

While you and your pool contractor will spend time cleaning and skimming your pool, the filter does the work “behind the scenes” when you’re not actively involved in cleaning it. The filters clean out dirt and debris that are not able to be seen by the naked eye. Ask your pool contractor to explain in detail, swimming pool filters so you can make an informed decision.