Living in Arizona means you have the ideal climate for heating your swimming pool with solar power. Talk with your swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care if this is an option you want to consider. For most pool owners, the decision to heat with solar energy is made in the pool construction phase as the pool needs to position in the “right” spot.

Even pool owners that don’t live in Arizona can use solar power to heat their water, although they may not be able to “use” the sunsolar pool heating as frequently as pool owners in the south simply because the northern and eastern climates are not as amenable. But, that being said, you can use solar power in most any area of the country.

Pool owners that live in Arizona will likely want to position the pool for optimal sun exposure but with an eye toward placing portions of the pool so that it isn’t in direct sunlight all day long – you know that with temperatures in the triple digits, even a dip in a pool can be downright uncomfortable, not to mention the pain of your feet on the heated pool tiles! Ideal pool placement for capturing the power of the sun will be a southern or western exposure placement.

If you want to capture even more of the sun’s power, consider a dark-colored bottom for your swimming pool. Dark colors will absorb the heat and help retain the warmth for much longer than a lighter, brighter color that may reflect the warmth. Consider too, though if you live in Arizona you may not want the dark colored pool bottom as it may capture and heat the water too much for your swimming pleasure.

A completely solar heated swimming pool will also have your swimming pool service contractor in Avondale, Arizona telling you to trim back overhanging branches to ensure you have as much direct sunlight as possible. You may also want to consider using a solar pool cover. Talk with your contractor to uncover more ways to harness the sun’s energy.