Express Pool Care pool service contractors talk poolside misting fans

Phoenix, Arizona residents understand and appreciate the beauty of the misting fan. If you’ve been shopping on a hot day and happen upon a store that offers the misting system you truly appreciate it, and the store owner! The swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Care also understand that having a misting system poolside or in your outdoor living space can make the time you spend around the pool even more enjoyable.

Creating and adding a misting system to your pool area is something that you can talk with your pool contractor about and may be something you consider as part of a pool renovation project. To poolside misting fanaccomplish it you will need a misting fan; these devices can effectively lower the temperature in the surrounding area by as much as 30 degrees and when we hit triple digits, you can quickly appreciate the beauty of the system.

You will want to determine how large of an area you’d like to mist and then invest in a system that will accommodate that particular area. When shopping for your fan you will want to look for:

  1. One that has a misting fan attached that locks into the system and has wheels to make it easier to move, and
  2. One that has the capacity to cool and mist the area for a particular number of hours. For example the larger the water reservoir, the longer you will be able to cool and mist without having to refill it.
  3. There are options such as variable speed fans and some with telescoping features that let you easily adjust the height of the fan. Don’t forget that oscillating fans are also an option and help cool the surrounding area.


Regardless of the type of fan you choose, you can rest assured that you will be adding to the amount of hours you can spend out of doors by your swimming pool, even in the hottest days of summer.