Express Pool Care service professionals offer five ways to enjoy your pool even more!

What is a swimming pool for if not for fun, fun, fun! When you first talked with your swimming pool contractor that is what you imagined. That’s especially true if you hadn’t considered how much work goes into keeping your pool clean and the water clear and bacteria-free. Toss that aside and you know that your pool is a great place for a staycation, an exercise spot, a party hot spot and a place to build memories with friends and family.

How can you get even more fun and enjoyment out of your swimming pool? The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care offer these tips:

  1. Water quality needs to be up to par.  Your pool service contractor will assist with this, but you will want to ask him what you can do to keep the water clean between service visits. Ask for a training on water testing and chemical balancing.pool cleaning
  2. Swimming for exercise or weight loss is ideal in a pool, just start slowly. Swimming is great exercise and one that doesn’t put stress or strain on your joints or muscles, but you will still want to start out slowly and add more laps in a few at a time. Talk with your doctor before you begin an exercise, although most doctors recommend swimming as a great workout.
  3. When it comes to the pool itself, if you have a vinyl liner pool keep it in good repair and make sure no one brings sharp objects into the pool, this includes earrings and rings. If you notice a tear in the liner, contact your swimming pool contractor as soon as possible.
  4. Institute a no-running around the pool rule. The deck can be slippery. There should also be no riding toys — like bicycles or tricycles around the pool deck.
  5. Practice the buddy system. This means, no swimming alone. Even adults should swim with a buddy.

Ask us what types of pool safety equipment you should have and ask how to properly use it. He may recommend someone in the home knows CPR in case it is ever necessary.